Best Trailer Hitch for a Toyota Highlander

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Toyota Motors have made some of the most popular crossover SUVs available in North America for the last 20 years. If you’re looking for a family vehicle that can carry a lot of luggage, the Highlander has an impressive 83.7 cubic feet of cargo storage with the rear seat folded. But if you need any extra space for camping trips or need that extra passenger space, you’re going to need to look for the best trailer hitch for a Toyota Highlander.

The basic trim, or LE model, of the Highlander can only tow a maximum of 1500 pounds and can barely handle the basic capacity of a class I hitch. But all other models come with a V6 engine that can accommodate an impressive 5000 pounds of gross trailer weight. This makes the Toyota Highlander a beast of a vehicle for towing that small boat, sports equipment or medium-sized camper trailer. You just need to ensure you buy a quality trailer hitch first.

Our Top 4 Best Trailer Hitches for a Toyota Highlander

Although choosing a sturdy hitch receiver is important, you should always try to go for something that gives you more than just the capacity you need. The best trailer hitch for a Toyota Highlander should be a class III or above, at least. With a trailer weight capacity of 6000 pounds or more, your Highlander will be able to pull even a small fishing boat with no hassle.

Watch this YouTube video to see just how easy it is to install our favorite trailer hitch, the Curt 13200, to your Toyota Highlander.

We have narrowed down the choice of best trailer hitches for a Toyota Highlander to help you choose the one which is right for your needs.

1. CURT 13200 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

This solid class III trailer hitch from Curt has a very small footprint, with a sleek round-tubed main body design. It fits slightly under the bumper of your Highlander and is barely visible when not towing, being laser welded and custom designed to fit the 2014 to 2018 models of Toyota Highlander. That’s not to say it isn’t strong and reliable.

The Curt 13200 can handle the gross towing weight of up to 6000 pounds, and 900 pounds in tongue weight. Unlike class I or II hitches you can even use a weight distribution package, which pushes the towing capacity up further; however, be careful not to exceed your vehicle’s limit. Curt products are rigorously tested to meet safety standards before making it to the market. They feature two coatings–a Bonderite and high gloss powder coat–for maximum corrosion protection.

Top Points

  • Affordable class III trailer hitch with 6000 pounds gross towing weight capacity and 900 pounds rated tongue weight
  • 2-inch hitch receiver opening
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. Draw-Tite 5350 Multi-Fit MotorHome Hitch

This is actually a trailer hitch that will fit many makes and models of vehicle but is especially suited to the Toyota Highlander. The width of this hitch can vary between 24 and 46 inches, so be sure to measure the distance between the underbelly frames of your Highlander first. A three-piece assembly kit is easy to fit, together with no welding required and all the different hardware you need for installation.

The hitch is categorized as a class III/IV and has a maximum towing weight of 5000 pounds, or 6000 pounds with an additional weight distribution kit. A standard 2-inch square receiver opening allows you to attach most ball mounts or class II and above trailers or cargo carriers.

Top Points

  • Adjustable width trailer hitch suitable for Toyota Highlander
  • Class III/IV with gross towing weight of 5000 pounds and rated tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Three-piece construction, complete with all hardware needed for various installations

Reese Towpower 44710 Class IV Custom-Fit Hitch

This quality class IV hitch from Reese gives you all the capacity and more you will ever need for towing with your Toyota Highlander. A massive 800 pounds rated tongue weight and gross towing weight of up to 8000 pounds should be ample for most applications. Just ensure you check your vehicle specification manual so you don’t exceed the safe limit.

What makes this a better choice hitch than many is how robust it is. With a solid all-welded design, it will withstand towing on even the roughest of terrains and last for many years. The construction has been tested for fatigue and stress and exceeds all safety standards. A unique metal shield process is said to offer better anti-corrosion properties than other manufacturers who simply apply a powder coat finish. Installation is easy too, with no drilling required and being built to the exact manufacturer’s model and year specifications.

Top Points

  • Class IV trailer hitch with 800 pounds tongue weight and up to 8000 pounds gross towing weight capacity
  • Meets and exceeds all industry safety standards
  • Square 2-inch receiver opening

4. Draw-Tite 75896 Max-Frame Receiver

This round tube trailer hitch is firmly in the class III/IV category and able to haul as much as 6000 pounds gross towing weight. This can be increased to 8000 pounds with a weight distribution kit. Although your Highlander can’t actually support 8000-pound weight trailers, it’s always better to have more than less capacity.

The round tube design compliments the sporty look of your SUV. A black powder and A-coat finish ensures it will look good for years to come. The solid welded construction ensures it offers the maximum strength too. With no welding needed for installation, this product can be easily fitted within an hour by even novice enthusiasts.

Top Points

  • Class III/IV receiver with 6000 pounds gross towing weight
  • Solid all welded round tube design
  • Fits standard 2-inch square receivers

Our Choice - Look NO Further

If you’re thinking of towing with your Toyota Highlander, then a quality trailer hitch is a must. In our opinion, the Curt 13200 Class III Trailer Hitch is the best trailer hitch for a Toyota Highlander you can buy today. It has a solid durable construction, a sleek design so you will hardly notice it’s there and a decent weight capacity for versatile towing. Plus, it comes at a very affordable price and is backed with Curt Manufacturing’s famous lifetime guarantee.

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