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If anyone should name a vehicle model that underwent the bloodiest industrial transformation, the Jeep Cherokee is definitely among the best examples. This compact sports-utility vehicle (SUV) has a very rich history that dates back as early as 1974. It underwent four generations of design overhauls, with each obsolete version discontinued before lasting a decade of mass production.

The fifth generation Jeep Cherokee (KL) only started in 2013, sporting a sleek high-tech design that only looks much better for rugged off-road use. Compared to other cars, this model does not necessarily resonate with urban consumers. But if you are into countryside holidays, the Jeep Cherokee is an ideal vehicle you can use for hauling extra baggage on wheels.

2018 Jeep Cherokee: Trailhawk

According to the car review featured in US News in December 2017, the 2018 Jeep Cherokee ranks 13th in the list of top-selling compact SUV’s in North America. Considering that this model almost exclusively caters to the outdoors or off-road market base, being in the top 20 is (arguably) an impressive feat. The latest version has 4 basic trim levels, namely: Sport, Latitude, Limited, Overland, and Trailhawk.

If you want to experience excellent driving performance via inhospitable terrains, it is best to choose the Trailhawk version. This trim level is the closest variety to a generic 4×4 vehicle endemic among different types of professional off-roaders (e.g. soldiers, wildlife trekkers, national park rangers, and even survivalists).

The Trailhawk sports an impressive array of built-in features such as a 20-inch ground clearance, a 38-ft turning diameter, 56:1 crawl ratio traction, front and rear tow hooks, and a completely waterproof underbelly for traversing shallow streams. Think of this vehicle as the Tomb Raider of compact SUV’s – tough, adept, and gorgeous.

The 4×4 Trailer Options

Before discussing your options for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee hitches, you should first consider the kind of burden you prefer to haul behind your towing off-road vehicle. Always remember not to exceed the 4,500-pound maximum weight capacity.

This vehicle can pull an average 3-berth vacation trailer spanning 18 to 24 feet in length. However, these cozy and luxurious mobile cabins may be too difficult to haul around the kind of topography that ideally meant for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee. Fortunately, there are small lightweight 4×4 trailer varieties that can accommodate (albeit partially less comfortable) shelter and cargo space without practically endangering your vehicle on rough terrain.

Wagons like the Teardrop, Box Frame, and the military-grade M416 Utility are perfect alternatives that can adjust to a whole new level of geographic savageness. The two important things to remember when it comes to choosing your 4×4 trailer are terrain capability and roof-top tent compatibility (excluding Teardrop). Check out these leading American brands for each setup:

  • Teardrop: Inka Outdoor LLCColorado, and So-Cal
  • Box Frame: Bivouac Camping Trailers and Turtleback Trailers
  • M416 Utility: Highland Expedition Outfitters and Kakadu Camping Inc.

Top 5 Trailer Hitches for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Your ideal trailer hitch for Jeep Cherokee ought to fit the same profile as the namesake towing vehicle. In this particular case, it ought to pull wheeled cargo through a very rough path. Although the Class 2 trailer hitch can sustain the benchmarked tongue weight, a more heavy-duty Class 3 seemed appropriate when you put uneasy terrain into the equation. Check out the following brands that fit the latest Jeep Cherokee version.

Curt 13172

As one of the two nearly identical items featured in the market fit for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee, this particular version of the Curt Class 3 model already comes with fish wires. With a tool that makes bolt screwing convenient through blind angles, a well-written manual provides an additional leverage for all who wish to attempt DIY installation.

However, it is a bit of a stretch to think that this product is easy for everyone to set up on their own. For one thing, proper installation of this Class 3 hitch requires you to cut portions of the rear bumper and the exhaust panel. Simply put it, the additional budget for professional installation may be needed to set your mind at ease.



Curt 13171

The earlier featured version of the Curt Class 3 fit for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee has its own share of rough edges. It is important to understand that this model is fundamentally similar in most ways. However, there’s a good reason for choosing this product if you are keen on making the little positive variations matter.

One of the key advantages this version has is the (arguably) negligible lower retail price from certain independent sellers. The bigger takeaway comes from a more user-friendly complexity in terms of setting it up at the rear underbelly frame. For a vehicle that exalts itself in terms of good outdoors ground clearance, this model can compromise that well-known reputation.



Topline Autopart

This model specifically fits the Jeep Cherokee versions ranging from 2014 to 2018. Apart from the fact that it is guaranteed to sustain the requirements of a decent Class 3 hitch, shipping this item does not require any cost. On top of that, you can avail up to 3 percent discount and maximize your budget potential.

It is important to understand that it can only outbid the previously mentioned hitch models if you have successfully applied to the terms of the discount. But if there is anything more off-putting than the less-than-attractive regular cost, it is the fact that you simply have to take the word of the manufacturers due to the almost non-existent volume of independent product reviews.




The VXMotor shares a stark similarity with the previously mentioned hitch model. It is also capable of sustaining the usual demands expected of a Class 3 coupler, particularly in terms of the free and distributed tongue weight. Buying this product also does not charge you additional fees.

Surprising as it sounds, this item is sold at an exact same cost as the Class 3 Topline Autopart. But even with the almost clone-like resemblance, you can take advantage of the fact that the VXMotor comes with 1-year’s worth of limited warranty.



Reese Towpower 44765

If you prefer a model that can sustain more than the usual tongue weight requirement expected of the Class 3 hitch, the Reese Towpower 44765 is your best bet. While other hitches can barely pass the SA J684 standard, this brand manages to satisfy other accrediting agencies. This item combines the core elements of heavy-duty performance and sophisticated design.

It is often said that a highly valued product comes at a high cost, and this model embodies the same generic market principle. In fact, it is comparatively the most expensive item on this list. But if there is anything more off-putting than the retail price, it is the fact that many consumers have expressed negative opinions about the so-called user-friendliness in terms of DIY installation.



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