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Like the other pioneering German automobile manufacturers such as Benz & Cie (later Mercedes-Benz) and the Volkswagen Group, the Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is crucial to the standardization of the motor four-wheel vehicle in the 20th Century. This company has eventually made itself as the symbol of class prestige right after opening its first dealership in the United States in 1975. As of 2016, the BMW Group has roughly more than 128,000 global employees.

Among the upcoming products slated for 2018 release is the latest version BMW X5 – a mid-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) that made its successful debut in 1999. The online review Car and Driver ranked this vehicle 13th on their list while The Car Connection included it in its Top 5 roster.

Comprehensive Space-Mass Ratio

Like most large and mid-sized outdoorsy vehicles, people expect the BMW X5 to perform better than the sedan or subcompact in terms interior space and weight-bearing capacity. The following key figures can provide a keener insight into what you can expect from this luxury car:

  • Base curb weight: 4,680 lbs
  • Towing capacity: 5,952 lbs
  • Max tongue weight: 595 lbs

A 6-person backpacker team (including the driver) riding a BMW X5 bound for the Grand Canyon National Park can only carry a total 35.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats. It’s obviously not enough space if you intend to stay more than a week with ample consumables (e.g. food, water, gas) on top of their gear. Even if the cohort is comprised of two persons (including the driver), you have to painstakingly negotiate all of your belongings in a 76.7 cubic feet cargo space after folding the rear seats flat.

Hence, the best course of action is to haul the entire luggage inventory in a separate wagon (e.g. trailer or RV). While this vehicle can pull its own weight plus the additional burden of a grand piano, it is always safer for you to avoid straining its maximum towing capacity. A good BMW X5 tow hitch is the best solution for this challenge.

The 5 Best Trailer Hitch Options

Choosing an ideal BMW X5 trailer hitch requires a certain familiarity with this vehicle’s design. A certain hitch receiver can either be rigged under the bumper or fully mounted on both sides of the underside frame. Either way is suitable as long as it can pull another set of wheels on the road. Consider the following options available in the online market:

Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch

  • Item weight: 5 lbs
  • Tongue weight: 600 lbs

This model easily catches the attention of online sources for those who own a BMW X5. Despite being extremely lightweight for a standard-size hitch frame, the Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch has an impressive towing capacity of 6,000 lbs. In addition to its splendid performance, this trailer hitch can manage to look as good as new even after long-term usage.

Most customers enjoy the fact that it is relatively simple to install. Apart from the fact that no drilling is required to set it up on the frame, the distribution already includes a complete hardware and instruction manual. The only real downside to buying this item is that it takes an hour and a half to put this thing together even in an expert pair of hands.



Draw-Tite Class 4 Trailer Hitch

  • Item weight: 41 lbs
  • Tongue weight: 600 lbs

The Draw-Tite Class 4 Trailer Hitch certainly competes with the previously mentioned model in almost everything. It can haul as much as 6,000 lbs on the road and it sports an A-coat paint that preserves the metallic luster after extensive application. This model also does not require drilling but unlike the Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch, it only takes up to 70 minutes to install.

Curiously, this receiver is also suitable for weight distribution hitches – although the towing capacity does not increase even with the considerable balance leverage. Several experts have noted that this product is not suitable for a 2018 BMW X5 customized with an M Sports trimming. You may also need to keep in mind that precise fascia cutting would be required for proper installation.



Buyers Universal Fit Hitch Frame

  • Item weight: 55.8 lbs
  • Tongue weight: 350 lbs

Compared to the previously mentioned items, this model is defined as the best if you put a premium on ‘flexibility.’ Simply put it, the Buyers Universal Fit Hitch Frame is very suitable both as a receiver for cargo deck and the trailer hauling coupler. But when it comes to towing an extra set of wheels, it is crucial to take note that this hitch receiver cannot handle more than 3,500 lbs of trailer weight.

This model has earned its namesake due to the fact that you can alter the frame size from 47 inches to 77 inches. Although the retail cost leaves a lot of room for contention, the obvious constraint points to the fact that its DIY installation requires skillful control of the welding tool. Either that, or you’d pay a welder to avoid unnecessary (not to mention costly) mistakes.



Draw-Tite Class 3 Multi-fit Motor Hitch

  • Item weight: 44.5 lbs
  • Tongue weight: 500 lbs

Unlike all the previously mentioned frame hitches, this model proves to be the costliest (for better or worse). Anyone can argue about the value of the retail price when one has to account the limited lifetime warranty. The construction couldn’t get easier and more straightforward with only three pieces to put together an adjustable frame size fitting anywhere between 24 and 46 inches.

Curiously, size is not the only thing you can adjust to this product. From 5,000 lbs of towing weight, you can increase another thousand pounds with the use of a weight distribution hitch. Although the DIY installation does not require the use of a welding machine, you need to steady your hands on the electric drill.



Reese Towpower Step Bumper Hitch

  • Item weight: 9.1 lbs
  • Tongue weight: 350 lbs

As mentioned earlier, choosing a small-sized step bumper variety is still a viable option for a good BMW X5 towing hitch. Rarely does a cheap product capable of delivering excellent performance. But the Reese Towpower Step Bumper Hitch proves an exception despite how it only costs roughly a tenth of the average full-frame hitch retail price.

Being a Class 2 receiver hitch, it is capable of hauling a jet-ski or a small river boat for a weekend outdoor getaway. Apart from the fact that this product is subject to a strict weight restriction, using a weight distribution hitch is still a very bad idea. This step bumper hitch cannot handle the strain of a multi-directional pressure. 



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