Best Tow Hitch Step Bumper Bars


Most people would take car bumpers for granted without bothering to comprehend what they really do. Knowing that it prevents serious damage to your vehicle is a valid leap of logic. But how bumpers do absorb impact is truly neat: often expressed in the equation Ek = ½mv2.

All bumpers are located at the front, the sides and the rear. While the rear of the pickup truck is secured by a certain degree of force-absorption below the tailgate, climbing onto the truck bed is physically challenging. For a height leverage that can sustain low-impact collisions, you would need to rig the bottom rear area with a good hitch step bumper.

About Low-Impact Collisions

In terms of the degree of physical and financial of the damages, low-impact collisions are obviously not as traumatic as those vehicles crashing at more than 50 km per hour. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that damages from low-impact collisions are less problematic. The real challenge of dealing with low-impact collision is legally establishing clear grounds for insurance indemnities.

For one thing, physical trauma is easier to determine among drivers or passengers rescued from inside a banged up and crumpled vehicle because they are often critically wounded (if they survived at all). But contrary to popular belief, low-impact collisions can generate as much as 11,200 pounds per square inch (psi) against any obstacle if the moving object is a huge heavy vehicle like an SUV or pickup truck.

Studies indicate that such force can cause severe concussions to passengers inside an immobile vehicle. It may take several months to a couple of years (without treatment) for the effects of a low-impact collision to completely wear off. If bumpers can offer a margin of safety against high-speed crashes, it is more than helpful against low-impact collisions. 

Top 6 Options for Hitch Step Bumper

Choosing a quality trailer hitch bumper bar sounds a lot easier than it really seems. The options are simply too stacked to be sorted individually, and you may not be sure of anything you have just picked up from the hardware store. So far, the most trending online sources can name half a dozen best options out of the many being advertised and distributed in the market.

Bully CR-600 Utility Hitch Step

One of the most notable advantages of this brand is that it never hurts the wallet of any buyer. Curiously, this model is fashioned from a T304 quality stainless steel. Any engineer or metalsmith with a grain of salt would tell you that you have truly chosen well in terms of durability and sturdiness.   

However, what leverages it possesses in the area of retail value and material quality certainly falls short in terms of design and craftsmanship. Several buyers complained about its uneven level as soon as it is hitched under the rear hatch or tailgate. A slightly tilting hitch step is not only an eye-sore; it could even cause a weak (and potentially dangerous) foothold for those who intend to climb up the vehicle’s rear.



Reese Towpower 7065300

There is a fairly scarce variety of models that can function as a tow hitch bumper in the truest sense of the word. The Reese Towpower 7065300 definitely qualifies as such, considering that you can plug a ball coupler that can sustain as much as 500 lbs of tongue weight for dragging an extra set of wheels. Not only that, you’d love the part where you can operate three mechanisms for each unique lighting options – adding extra rear-view visibility.

While the lighting can be an impressive feature, it can also be a source of complication. Not all vehicles have the required fuses and relays to activate a 12-volt circuit. In case that information is quite puzzling to comprehend, just imagine getting hands-on with putting it together properly.



Go Rhino 360T Universal Hitch Step

This model is a classic example of a good bargain price. If you are concerned about the retail value alone, you may probably have second thoughts. But there are a number of good reasons to spend additional bucks on your average budget.

For one thing, it only takes a minute to assemble this hitch step bumper behind your vehicle. On top of that, the design allows broader protection coverage. This item fits snugly and doesn’t rattle after setting it up into the hitch receiver. You can avail for the extensive 5-year warranty in case you bought something that falls short of these qualities.



Bully BBS-1102 Utility Hitch Step

Compared to the previously mentioned Bully hitch step, this model doesn’t generate the same consumer complaints. There frame is locked securely and the rubber step allows a more stable traction if you’re getting up to access the pickup truck’s cargo or an SUV’s rear-side rooftop deck. Another amazing feature of this model is that you can modify the depth of the bumper step if you are parking your vehicle in the garage.

Although the product description highlights the 16-gauge steel construct, consumers often take note of how the heavy-duty metal rating seems to ‘underperform.’ There are those that mentioned how it easily bends out of shape. Others cite several cases of rusting quickly than it should.



Pilot Automotive CR-605L Hitch Step

Another one of Bully’s renowned models, this product sports an LED brake light on top of its sleek metallic look. The chrome exterior not only accentuates the aesthetic shape, it also guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion and weathering. For a versatile size fitting between 1.25 and 2 inches, a removable adapter is included in the retail distribution.

Like any hitch step bumper that entails electrical connectivity with the vehicle, this model takes the DIY learning curve to a whole new level. Several unpleasant consumer reviews indicate an incompatibility with the 4-pin harness that links the vehicle’s controls to the hitch step’s LED lighting system. In other words, you might probably need to buy a new harness.   



Go Rhino D360T Universal Dominator Hitch Step

Similar to the other Go Rhino hitch step, this model puts a premium on its stability. Apart from the nifty anti-rattling design, the entire body is manufactured from the highest industrial quality steel. It is safe to say that if hitch step bumpers are wild beasts, this variety is born with sharper fangs – rightfully earning the namesake ‘dominator.’

Curiously, this model is designed with a dual step that aims to increase the passenger’s proper footing when reaching behind the truck’s cargo bed or a van’s rear-side rooftop deck. Its distribution even includes a usable black storage bag. The only real downside to choosing this model is that costs roughly more than three times the cheapest brand.



Auto Dynasty Oval Tube Hitch Step Bar

When it comes to choosing quality hitch step bumper, the chances of stumbling upon a product you can use for dragging an extra set of wheels is often minimal to none. This model is one of the fewest positive exceptions. Although it does not possess a proper towing coupler, this 4-inch thick hitch step bar can pull a tongue weight of 350 lbs (it may require some measure of creativity to link the wheeled cargo to the vehicle).

The solid high-quality welding is topped with a flashy chrome exterior that goes well with the vehicle’s newly restored polishing. This model shares the same unfortunate plight with other brands that vex customers with the installation. In fact, professional help is strictly recommended.



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