Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

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As a biker sometimes you want to feel that wind through your hair of the open road but don’t relish the downtown traffic to get to the open road. The best motorcycle hitch carriers offer the ideal solution allowing for easy and safe transportation.

If you ride dirt bikes at the weekend, getting them there in the past may have involved bulky motorcycle haulers. But “toy” haulers are sometimes impractical for the weight requirements and can be inconvenient to drive or even park. And have you ever tried off-roading with a trailer?

What to Look for in the Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers?

While most of the best motorcycle hitch carriers all look the same, they can actually be very different. Let’s take a look at what you should consider before listing four of our current favorites.

  • Type of Hitch Mount

Almost every four-wheeled vehicle has a receiver at its back end that is designed for a certain load carrying. Reading your vehicle’s manual can help you work out the receiver class you need to look for. In general, most motorcycle hitch carriers require a class III receiver or higher as class II only supports loads up to 525 pounds, including the carrier.

  • Material of Construction

The two main materials used in the construction of the best motorcycle hitch carriers tend to be aluminum or steel. The models made from steel tend to be more durable but are also weightier. Aluminium frame constructions can offer a similar strength at a lower weight but may not be as dependable over time or rough terrain.

  • Load Capacity

Most hitch carriers are rated for a specific maximum weight and no higher. Ensure you pair the load limit of the carrier you choose with the weight of the bike you are going to be using it with.

  • Ease of Assembly

Some higher end motorcycle hitch carriers can be more difficult to assemble especially when you consider how heavy they can be. But features like a longer ramp or anti-tilt mechanisms can also make them easier to use.

The following YouTube video shows how to load a motorcycle onto a hitch carrier using a ramp:

The Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

With so many hitch carriers available for all budgets, we have looked at some of the top-selling models to bring you, in our opinion, the four best motorcycle hitch carriers.

1. VersaHaul 55 RO Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier with Ramp

Made in the USA, this beast of a hitch carrier can accommodate bikes up to 500 pounds, with some customers saying it can even handle a little more. Four retractable bars will hold the bike over rough terrain and can be easily folded back when not towing to make parking easier and less cumbersome.

An anti-tilt tensioning bracket keeps your bike secure during transport with added safety features including a wheel stop and two reflectors to increase visibility.

Top Points

  • Heavy duty box-type steel frame for bikes 500 pounds plus.
  • Fits class III or higher 2 inch receivers.
  • Four retractable tie down bars and anti-tilt tensioning bracket.

2. Black Widow MCC-600

This Black Widow all-steel motorcycle carrier features anti-tilt technology and a wide removable loading ramp. It also has six inches of clearance between the carrier and your bumper to help prevent those unsightly scratches over time. It doesn’t have as many features as the VersaHaul but  is half the price and better suited to those wider tyres.

Top Points

  • Heavy duty hitch mounted motorcycle carrier with maximum 600 pound capacity.
  • Works with class III or IV vehicle hitches and includes ⅝ inch hitch pin.
  • Four stabilizing tie-down points and 7-position adjustable wheel chock.

3. Black Widow Double Motorcycle Carrier AMC6002

This lightweight aluminium double carrier will accommodate most off-road dirt bikes with tyres up to 5.5 inches wide. You could even haul your primary bike with a smaller lightweight ride with an impressive 600 pounds capacity. The 75 inch long all-aluminium platform combines with a heavy duty end steel hitch tube and support frame.

Top Points

  • Dual motocross, off-road MX, or dirt bikes aluminium carrier with heavy duty steel hitch bar.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.
  • Transport two dirt bikes using a vehicle’s 2-inch Class III/IV hitch.

4. TMS T-NS-MRC001

The TMS MRC001 is one of the most affordable hitch carriers on the market, yet still constructed entirely of steel and has a respectable capacity of 500 pounds. Designed for most class II or higher receivers it has a clearance length of 18 inches from hitch pin center to the ramps midpoint. An anti-tilt lock mechanism ensures your bike stays upright and safe with a 3-foot long ramp for loading the bike on both sides.

Top Points

  • Heavy duty steel hitch carrier with a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Fits 2-inch square class II, III, IV & V hitches.
  • Anti-tilt locking system and tie down points on either side of bike

Our Choice - Look NO Further

In our opinion, VersaHaul VH-55 RO is the best motorcycle hitch carrier which include premium features at a premium price. If you are serious about moving your bike regularly you won’t regret the four hundred dollars plus it costs you. Consider it an extra insurance policy for your bike.

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