Best Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin Lock

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Imagine spending a day at the lake with your family while on a trip, only to return to the campsite and find your precious trailer gone. It could be your home for the weekend if it’s an RV or maybe your only means of getting everything home. Either way, it’s heartbreaking and going to spoil your trip.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where thieves often manage to steal huge freight containers (over a hundred thousand a year in the US alone) and your trailer is easy pickings to them. It may not be as profitable, but that’s not going to stop them trying.

But it doesn’t need to be so!

Investing a few bucks in a quality fifth wheel hitch lock would have deterred most thieves and you’d still have a trailer to take home with you. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when looking for the best fifth wheel hitch king pin lock, before choosing a few of our favorites.

What to Look for in a King Pin Lock?

Whether you’re at a campsite or even by the side of the road, chances are that a potential thief already has the hitch needed to tow away your cargo. The best fifth wheel hitch locks aim to prevent the theft of your trailer by wrapping around its kingpin. By changing the size or shape of the kingpin, a potential thief won’t be able to mount the trailer to their vehicle’s hitch.

If you want to protect your trailer, you’re gonna need a quality king pin lock!

The following YouTube video demonstrates how a king pin lock prevents a thief from removing your trailer.

When choosing a kingpin lock, there are a number of factors you should consider:

  • Material and Durability: How long will the lock last and will it survive repeated blows from the thief? (Yes, they are going to hit it, probably several times!)
  • Anti-Theft Design: What shape is it and does it use a keyhole, padlock or receiver lock? Personally, I always recommend the largest and most visible devices–it sends a clear “hands off” message to any would-be thief.
  • Ease of Installation: You don’t want a lock that’s going to take you half an hour to attach every time you unhitch for the day. Look at how easy it is to assemble and what’s associated with regular use.
  • Weatherproof: Does the lock have the capacity to stop water from seeping into the inner workings of the lock or stand up to extreme temperatures? There’s nothing worse than not being able to unlock your own trailer and being stuck wherever–unless you count your trailer not even being wherever anymore!

Our Top 4 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin Locks

It’s a testament to the size of the trailer theft problem that so many fifth wheel hitch locks are now available. You will find locks for sale in your local auto store. Many top brands are now available from online retailers. We have looked at some of the best fifth wheel hitch kingpin locks that can help secure your valued trailer.

1. CURT 23255 5th Wheel King Pin Lock

Like all the other Curt products we favor, the quality of construction on this hitch lock is second to none and will pass any industry leading tests. Made from a quality strong aluminum, this lock should survive even the most severe beatings. Some users have even driven over their lock without damaging it. The lock is also finished with a weather resistant coating, even torrential rain isn’t shifting this lock.

A universal design uses a powerful aluminum grip which is held in place with a key-turning lock mechanism. It will fit almost any fifth wheel trailer currently on the market. It’s a lot easier and quicker than chaining your tires together. For under 50 bucks it’s an inexpensive way of knowing your trailer won’t be moved without your permission.

Top Points

  • Universal design king pin hitch lock fits most fifth wheel trailers
  • Strong durable aluminum body for dependable security
  • Includes 2 keys

2. RoadPro RPKPSL-2 Heavy Duty Steel King Pin Lock

This solid steel lock actually covers the entire king pin and is more visible and foreboding than many other smaller locks. It even comes with a yellow warning tag that hangs from 12-inch chain as an extra deterrent–although there are stories of the warning tag being stolen itself—really? If somebody wanted to try cutting this heavy-duty steel lock off, it would probably take 30 to 40 minutes with a cutoff wheel.

A slide bolt lock is placed at the bottom and faces downwards to avoid moisture seeping into the lock mechanism. Although it comes with two keys, they don’t have any security codes on them, so if you lose the keys you’re going to have to get a locksmith or welder to break the lock for you.

Top Points

  • Thick steel pipe design lock that covers the whole kingpin
  • Slide bolt with 2 keys and 3 ½ diameter lock
  • Comes with attached yellow high-vis warning label attached

3. Master Lock 2999DAT Fifth Wheel/King Pin Coupler Lock

Although normally we would shy away from products from China, the performance of this high-quality steel lock will reassure you that your trailer is secure when left unattended. The high visibility red collar is useful for ensuring you don’t forget to remove the lock before trying to hitch up your trailer.

The solid steel lock bracket uses a swivel head lock for ease of use and convenience and comes with two keys. A weather resistant cover encloses over the lock too.

Top Points

  • Quality Chinese made steel collar and rotating lock bracket
  • Powder coated bracket to prevent corrosion
  • Swivel head lock in weatherproof tight casing

4. AMPLock U-LPCVR King Pin Lock for fifth wheel

The most expensive king pin lock we looked at, this uses a conical design, forged from the highest quality materials: a mix of stainless steel, ducted cast iron and heat treated steel. This extra strength and dependability comes at a cost—nearly 10 times as much as some of its competitors.

It is easy to use, with AMPLock’s patented push and lock system. It also features a control and identification key system. The conical design prevents any traction with chains and fitting of modified hitches when unhitched.

Top Points

  • Heavy duty conical king pin lock for fifth wheel trailers
  • Quality materials used for good rust-resistance in all climates
  • Disc-based lock with each lock manufactured with its own unique key

Our Choice - Look NO Further

Although the AMPLock may be the sturdiest and most reliable king pin lock on the market, it requires a serious amount of investment and doesn’t fit to all fifth wheel trailers. The fact you have such a premium-looking lock may even attract thieves to the extra value of your cargo.

For our money, the CURT 23255 5th Wheel King Pin Lock is the best fifth wheel hitch king pin lock you can currently buy. It features the usual solid build quality of all Curt products, has a sleek aluminum design which is durable and strong while also featuring a reliable locking mechanism. It’s easy enough to use, which means you can be down by that lake in the quickest time, knowing your trailer will still be there when you get back.

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