Best 5th Wheel Hitch Cover

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Have you ever considered how you’re going to protect your new investment for hauling heavier cargo or trailers? The best fifth wheel hitch cover is an essential item which can help maintain the durability of your hitch and extend its life. Exposing your hitch to the elements of the weather will severely speed up how soon it wears out. And buying a cover which protects it will be much cheaper than replacing it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fifth wheel hitch covers and consider what you should look for in the one that’s right for you. 

Our Favorite

What to Look for in Fifth Wheel Hitch Covers?

Just like buying any accessory for your pickup, there are several factors you need to consider. Just throwing a towel over your hitch isn’t going to offer too much protection.

  • Durability of Material Used

The most important aspect of any protective cover is going to be the material it is constructed from. The most common material used is nylon which is lightweight. If heavy gauge nylon is used, it will protect it from more severe weather.

You can also get rubber covers which are hard wearing but may degrade faster. Plastic covers are lightweight and water resistant but may crack in higher temperatures. And aluminum may be durable but can dent if damaged and may no longer be a perfect fit.

  • Fit and Installation

Take some time to measure the length, width and depth of your fifth wheel hitch, to ensure you get the correct fit. It’s no good investing in a cover for it to rip because it’s too tight. Many covers are a universal fit and can be used on all fifth wheel hitches, but a custom cover can ensure you get an accurate fit for any installation angle.

The method of installation can also vary a lot. Cheaper covers tend to use snap-in buckles; some others prefer the use of bungee cords. Whichever method you choose, make sure it’s easy to use and learn how to attach it correctly. The last thing you want is your hitch cover blowing off mid-journey down the freeway.

The Top 3 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Covers

Now we have covered the basics, let’s take a look at some of our favorites to help you find the best fifth wheel hitch cover for your prized hitch.

1. Reese 3035 Fifth Wheel Cover

As you would expect from market leaders Reese, this heavy duty fifth wheel hitch cover is of a high standard. A thick vinyl material is used to give your hitch the utmost protection. As it covers the entire fifth wheel hitch you don’t have to worry anymore about dust, water or other debris getting in. Unlike rubber or plastic, which quickly wear out, this vinyl construction can withstand extreme temperatures and moisture, like snow or rain.

Using adjustable nylon straps with snap buckle clips makes installation easy, with no need for any extra pieces. It’s designed to have a universal fit and copes especially well with the Reese 15K and 16K Pro Series, as well as most other fifth wheel hitches up to 20K. But this cover will struggle to accommodate the Reese elite series and larger 20K sliding wheel hitches.

Top Points

  • Heavy duty vinyl hitch cover from Reese
  • Universal fit
  • Measures 12 inches by 9 inches by 2.5 inches

2. Classic Accessories 80-116-010401-00 OverDrive 5th Wheel Cover

Despite the over-complicated name, the Classic Accessories Overdrive hitch cover is a simple universal fifth wheel cover. At over 24 inches high, it should accommodate almost any fifth wheel hitch available. Elastic cords and hooks or rip and grip straps ensure a snug fit.

A cutout side handle hole keeps it securely placed to the hitch, although it can also allow dust to get in. But the Classic Overdrive is protected from grease and moisture, which helps keep the liquid from running off to the hitch underneath. The heavy-duty vinyl can hold up to substantial abuse and the materials are UV protected to ensure it doesn’t degrade on those desert drives. The vinyl is also said to be resistant to scratches, so it should stay new looking for longer.

Top Points

  • Heavy duty vinyl fifth wheel hitch cover which is fully weatherproofed
  • Uses hooks and cords to attach to a flat bed or bracket of a hitch
  • Measures 24 inches by 24 inches by 18 inches

3. PullRite 2912 Hitch Cover

The PullRite hitch cover is the most expensive cover we looked at. PullRite are well known for their high-quality, but also high-priced pieces, of auto equipment and it seems their accessories are no exception to the rule.

This high-quality tailored cover is made from an all-purpose heavy-duty vinyl, to protect your hitch from the elements including rain, snow, humid conditions or extreme temperatures. At seven pounds in weight, it’s also the heaviest cover we looked at. But its durability will last you many years–you’ll probably never need to buy another cover again!

Top Points

  • High quality fifth wheel hitch that uses premium quality heavy duty vinyl
  • Measures 27 inches by 25 inches by 2 inches
  • Hard central inserts to go over the center of your hitch

Our Choice - Look NO Further

Having spent all that money on a fifth wheel hitch for an easier and safer towing, the smart thing to do is to invest in a quality fifth wheel hitch cover. In our opinion, the Reese 3035 Fifth Wheel Hitch Cover is the best 5th wheel cover you can get for your bucks today. There are more expensive, a lot more expensive, options available, but at under 50 bucks, the Reese cover will do an excellent job of ensuring your hitch remains in top condition, no matter what the weather.

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