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Choosing the best 5th wheel hitch can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. First, you need to understand exactly what a 5th wheel hitch is, what it does and the different types of 5th wheel hitch available

If you’re not sure which 5th wheel hitch to buy, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the relevant information you need to make a better decision. We will also look at four of the best 5th wheel hitches you can buy today to help your narrow that choice down even further.

What is a 5th Wheel Hitch?

A 5th wheel hitch is a mounted device that supports the weight of a fifth wheel trailer while being transported by a pickup truck. As fifth wheel trailers tend to be large and heavy, we need the strongest hitch available. You will often find 5th wheel hitches used to tow RVs or livestock trailers. It’s no coincidence that they bear a massive resemblance to the hitches used by 18-wheeled trucks which tow semi-trailers.

A 5th wheel hitch is much safer and easier to use than other rear mounted ball hitches, especially for people new to towing. The best 5th wheel trailer hitch will distribute the weight of a trailer or RV across the whole bed of the truck and make the tow car/truck easier to manage.

Before Buying a 5th Wheel Hitch

It’s important that you know the weight of your trailer before considering which 5th wheel is best for your needs. That includes the trailer and everything inside it, kitchen sink included. Buying a hitch which doesn’t have the capacity to support your trailer is not only pointless but will also be very dangerous.

Most modern 5th wheel hitches can now be quickly assembled and disassembled if you need the bed of your truck back. But unless you have a custom setup you will still be left with rails embedded in your truck bed. Universal, one size fits all, installation kits are available, or you could purchase one which is custom-built for your vehicle. However, custom kits are normally much more expensive.

1. B & W RVK3500 Companion 5th Wheel Hitch

For longer haul journeys you can rely on the power and strength of the B&W Companion RVK3500 to keep your trailer or RV safe. The B&W Companion fifth Wheel hitch uses an under-bed mounting system with a turnover ball which makes installation quite easy.

This sturdy hitch can pull trailers and RVs of up to 20,000 pounds and comes with an articulating head that allows for 4-way pivoting, side to side and front to back–useful for tighter maneuvers that you often have to do! Quality doesn’t come cheap and you do pay a premium for this recommended product, but it’s well worth your dollars.

Top Points

  • Maximum capacity of 20,000 pounds.
  • Includes an under-bed mounting system.
  • Uses only B&W turnover ball.

2. Curt 16130 Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch

This 5th wheel hitch from Curt Manufacturing has been specifically designed to tow your trailer as quietly as possible. A spherical axial bearing allows the hitch head and coupling point to move into the required direction ensuring a smoother, noiseless ride.

The Curt Q20 will support up to 20,000 pounds of weight and can be used with various mounting options. This is a decent no-frills hitch at an incredibly low price for something of this quality.

Top Points

  • Designed for 5th wheel trailers up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Spherical axle bearing for smooth and quiet towing.
  • Coupling system allows for an indication of when it’s safe to couple or tow away

3. Andersen 3200 Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection – Rail Version

This is one of the easiest hitches to install and being only 40 pounds in weight, only requires one person to do it. Although it’s lightweight, it can support an impressive 20,000-pound trailer with 4500-tongue weight. The ride is incredibly smooth as it can swivel in any direction due to the coupler riding on a ball.


A specially patented ball funnel ensures an easy hookup or removal. This hitch is fitted with a remote release assembly, meaning you don’t have to climb into the truck bed to release or lock the coupler. Three height adjustments allow for it to be fitted to almost any height or truck and it fits to industry standard rails; a gooseneck version is also available.

Top Points

  • The lightest 5th wheel hitch on the market at only 40 pounds.
  • Supports trailers or RV’s up to 20,000 pounds.
  • Designed for use in a short bed, standard bed and long bed pickups with adjustable height settings.

4. 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Whether you are looking for a replacement hitch or a first-time purchase, the Pro Series 20K is an ideal purchase for both long and short bed trucks. Built to withstand a 20,000-pound capacity, the Pro Series 5th Wheel hitch will provide a stable ride with four-way pivoting head for easier maneuvering.

This package includes the head, a head support kit, handle kit and legs. Although if you want to rail mount it you will have to buy the rail kit separately. An easy-to-reach handle ensures the hitch is easy to unlock, with a clam-shell locking system keeping your trailer securely attached at all times.

Top Points

  • 5th Wheel Hitch with 20,000 pounds towing capacity.
  • Four-way pivoting head.
  • Three-year warranty.

Our Choice - Look NO Further

All the best 5th wheel hitches we looked at vary in price, quality and features. In our opinion, the B&W RVK3500 Companion 5th Wheel Hitch is the best option if you have the financial means to buy it.

The B&W Companion can withstand a load of up to 20,000 pounds, which is more than enough for most average trailers and RVs. At only 200 pounds itself, it won’t add much more unnecessary weight to your towing vehicle. And the under-bed mounting system makes it very easy to install.

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